To share your vocabulary across different apps, the best way is to make it publicly available online. One easy way of publishing your vocabulary is putting it in your Pod. For instance, the obelisk vocabulary is published on Cleopatra’s Pod.

It’s quite a straightforward operation:

  • create it as a new Source in a directory where people can access it,
  • paste your RDF into the newly created document,
  • there you go - you are now the proud owner of a published vocabulary!

If you don’t have a Pod yet, you can check out our list of providers, or self-host your Pod.

Using a Pod IRI to store a vocabulary is fine during development, but imagine that your vocabulary grows hugely successful, and is used by multiple applications to describe the data they operate on. If you want to change your Pod provider, the IRI of your vocabulary would change, and all the applications depending on it would break. In our advanced tutorial, we’ll detail how to get a nice IRI, one that can be as permanent as possible.

Next step: use your vocabulary to describe some data.