Using Solid apps

To get started with Solid you will first need a Pod and a WebID, after which you can start using Solid apps.


Get a Pod and a WebID

Pods are where you store your data. Your WebID lets you login to Solid apps and Pods as well as letting you connect to other people using Solid.

How to pick a Provider

Different providers may suit different people.

The legal identity of the provider will be an important factor in how your data is handled. Some providers may engage with third parties, for example, to host the data. Mapping out clearly who is involved in what element of the provision is an important step in picking your Pod.

Reading the Terms of the provider is a good way to understand the implications of picking that provider.

The geographical location of the legal entities involved and the physical location of the hosting is an important factor in determining which law the provider responsibilities fall under. Depending on your nationality and degree of trust in various laws you may prefer specific geographical locations.


To recap, some questions you may want to consider are:

  • Who is involved?
  • Where are all the parties that are involved?
  • Where is the data physically stored?

You can pick a Provider in the following list. However, keep in mind that Solid is about freedom: you won’t be tied to the provider you choose now, and you will have the ability to move your data elsewhere if you want to.

Provider Responsible for Domain Name and Terms Responsible for Hosting Location of Hosting Inrupt, Inc. Amazon USA Authing Tencent Cloud China

If you are a provider you can add your service to this list by emailing

How to self-host your Pod

The way to get most control of your data is to self-host. Self-hosting means that your data is physically stored on a hard drive you hold at home, and managed by a software you run on your own machine. This way, you don’t have to entrust any third party with your data. Currently, this option still requires some technical background, and it may not be suitable for everyone yet.

We would like to make self-hosting a more user-friendly option in the future. The great thing about Solid is the flexibility it offers: you can choose to outsource the work for now and pick a provider, and move to self-hosting later on when the tools are ready for you.